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Contest winners

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IMPORTANT: While your first name and last initial might match a name listed below, you are not necessarily a winner. You’re only a winner if you are notified by the web team via e-mail.

(Last Updated: 1-9-14)

TORO(R) Snow Blower Giveaway
Joanne K.

Milwaukee Ballet VIP Package 
Veronica T.

First Stage: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer four voucher tickets
Melinda W.

Sesame Street contest
Meet & greet: Naomi S.
Tickets only: Andrea H., Heather P., Miriam T.

Hunter Hayes contest
Grand prize winner: Jean W. (tickets plus meet-and-greet)
Tickets winners: Bobby S., Roy S., Abbi P., Brian L.

Gruber “One Call” WWE Smackdown ticket giveaway
Grant T.

Wisconsin Highland Games four-pack of tickets
KJ K., Jim G., Heidi N., Jess S., Ann H., Jim B.

State Fair family four-pack of tickets
Kim M., Charles S., Christy B., Joe H., Shawn B., Keyana W.

Germanfest four-pack of tickets
Claudia S., Stacy E., JoAnn Q., Henry G., Peter M., George M.

SummerStage package
Sandy D.

Choose Chicago Getaway
Robin K.

Park Your Payment grand prize winner
Letitia M.

Park your payment winner (6-11)
Kim S.

Lakefront Festival of Art – family four-pack of tickets
Mary R., Lara P., Leslie B., Jaime N., Oneida R., Judith H.

Park your payment winner (6-10)
Jill B.

Park your payment winner (6-9)
Lorraine H.

Park your payment winner (6-8)
Kurth K.

Park your payment winner (6-7)
Lorri K.

Park your payment winner (6-6)
Mary R.

Park your payment winner (6-5)
Rebecca S.

Park your payment winner (6-4)
Brenda L. & Justin H. (together)

Park your payment winner (6-3)
Angee S.

Park your payment winner (6-2)
Michael M.

Park your payment winner (6-1)
Kim Z.

Park your payment winner (5-31)
Diandre B.

Park your payment winner (5-30)
Shanta M.

Country Springs Hotel waterpark passes
Julie J.

Park your payment winner (5-29)
James T.

Park your payment winner (5-28)
Kari O.

Suburban Motors
Tammy R.

Bel Canto Chours: Carmina Burana
Danell K., Juanita H., Marzena P., Susan H., Anne W., Jessica S., C Elizabeth P., Dan S., Kelsey J., Doreen U.,

Mother’s Day Giveaway
Jason S.

First Stage: Nancy Drew
Toni M.

Funjet Like a Rock Star
Donna E.

Rain Barrel Giveaway
Stacey B.

Country Springs Hotel
Joe D.

Bubon Orthodontics
Marlena R.

Bel Canto Chorus
Lisa R., Michael R., Ayann B., Amy H., Karen G., Daryl J., Heidi O., Sara K., Brandy M., Cindy M., Lynn N., Chris S., Criselda K., Peter W., Claire Zellner., Clark F., Robert K., Susan K., A F., Linda B.

Antenna  Giveaway
To see a list of all 380 winners click here. All winners have received an email notification. If you see your first name and last initial but did not receive an email notification, the winner is someone else with the same first name and last initial.

First Stage production of Anatole 
Denise A.

Greater Milwaukee Auto Show
Anna K., Nicole M., Donna N., Derek A., Brandon B., Lisa G., John Rulz., Bill K., Robin D., Long X., Jenny Z., Robert S.

Welke’s House of Roses Valentine’s Day Sweepstakes
Jolene C.

Sendik’s $5K Grocery Giveaway
Chris F., Jennifer W., Jesse S., Kelsey J., Carie B., Neal S., Dee E., Jodi S., Josh R., Jamie H., Dorothy V., Cindy C., Rosanne S., Cynthia T., Juan B., Trish J., Genie B., Sandy C., Keith R., Matt Z., David M.

Wilderness Resort
Angie L.; Monique W.; Paul H.



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