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Could Bradley Center lease land in Park East Corridor?

MILWAUKEE -- Since Kohl's decided not to build its headquarters in Milwaukee's Park East Corridor, new ideas are surfacing as to what to do with the vacant eye sore in downtown Milwaukee.

There is lots of talk about the future of the Bradley Center, and Milwaukee developer Gary Gruneau said he is trying to convince the Bradley Center to lease land in the Park East Corridor for the next five years.

In an interview with Milwaukee's Business Journal, Gruneau said: "I don't think there's a higher or better use for it now that Kohl's isn't moving down there. It would be devastating to lose the Bradley Center and the Bucks."

Gruneau is referring to the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks still don't have a long-term lease with the Bradley Center. Gruneau believes the Park East Corridor could initially be leased for parking, and eventually be the spot where a new arena could be built.

CLICK HERE for more from the Milwaukee Business Journal website.

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