Heat ADVISORY for most of southeast Wisconsin until 7pm tonight

Capitol Drive paving project begins, to last seven months

MILWAUKEE -- Crews began work on Capitol Drive, between 60th and 84th streets Monday, April 23rd. Crews will tear out the asphalt and repave the busy street. While those who work along the stretch and drivers say they understand the need for repairs, they say the construction will still be a pain.

Foreman Brian Veto says the upcoming seven months of construction along the Capitol Drive stretch is a lot of work, but it will be worth it. "With the road deteriorating, with holes in the winter, the freeze-thaw cycle, the maintenance is a huge cost, so once you repave it, there really are no holes and there's no maintenance for a certain period of time," Veto said.

Crews plan to completely remove and replace the road using brand new concrete, along with new islands, curbs, sidewalks and driveways.

The westbound lanes of Capitol Drive will be shut down first, and there will be one lane moving each way on the south side of Capitol. In July, the eastbound lanes will be shut down and there will be one lane moving each way on the north side.

The work will limit access to businesses along the stretch of Capitol Drive, including Kitt's Frozen Custard. "It's very inconvenient. We're making signs and flyers to let (customers) know we are gonna be open and we're gonna show them different ways to get around, how to get in, come back and order," Kitt's employee Cara Chojnacki said.

While businesses work around the construction, they're optimistic that once it's finished it will lead to more traffic. "We might even get more customers and it's gonna look better," Chojnacki said.

The Capitol Drive construction project is expected to last until Thanksgiving, though a rainy spring could throw that off.

Crews will also update some of the gas and sewer lines below Capitol Drive during the construction.

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