Groups determined despite small turnout at peace rally

MILWAUKEE -- Community leaders say they're disappointed but determined after a small turnout at the youth peace rally at James Madison Academic Campus Saturday, May 5th.

It was the second such event sponsored by both Milwaukee Public Schools and the Peace for Change Alliance. The first took place at Washington High School in February. The rallies were sparked after two Bradley Tech students were murdered in separate January shootings.

About 50 people showed up to Saturday's rally, even though James Madison officials sent voice messages to students' homes in the week before the rally.

"You can't give up," said PCA President Tracey Dent. "You gotta keep pushing forward because the more times you do it, the more people will come."

James Madison students performed a variety of songs which inspired those who did attend. Junior Bria Outlaw says students could use more guidance from adults and parents but adds the youth can also hold themselves accountable. "I'll be a leader by coming to stuff like this and provoking minds to do better than what they're doing now," Outlaw said.

While organizers hoped for a bigger audience, they say even 50 people is a great starting point. "You can't just do something one time and call it a day and say 'OK, people don't care," Dent said. "That's not the case."

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