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Lehman wins, will face Wanggaard in June election

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John Lehman

RACINE — The main Senate recall race in the area is in the 21st District in Racine County, where incumbent Van Wanggaard is being challenged by Democrat John Lehman. Wanggaard out-seated Lehman when the two faced off in 2010, and the two are preparing to square off again.

Lehman defeated a placeholder candidate in Tuesday’s recall primary.

Workers at one poll site in Racine said there was a line outside before the polls even opened Tuesday morning, and officials say it was a busy day. “We have the governor`s recall primary, the lieutenant governor`s recall primary and most of the county has part of the state Senate District 21 recall primary,” Racine County Clerk Wendy Christensen said.

Officials in Racine County reported some confusion among voters. “Some voters are trying to over-vote. They are actually voting for a Democratic candidate for governor and a Republican candidate for governor, and as a result, the machines will not accept their ballot,” one election official said.

When that happened, poll workers had to destroy the initial ballot and re-issue another ballot to the voter.

Racine County Clerk said some have called to get information about where to vote and because some voters showed up at the wrong polling location, election officials are making sure people know where to go. “We were anticipating because of the interest in this particular race and the process that has gotten us to hold these recall elections that there would be a higher level of interest,” Christensen said.

CLICK HERE for complete election results after the polls close.

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