Virtual Doggie Bed and Breakfast

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Pet lovers are turning their homes into makeshift doggie hotels thanks to a new website that lets you ditch the kennel.

Kiersten Pinella is a trueanimal lover whose house has literally gone to the dogs,  "that's all I do, is take care of dogs, cats, birds, fish. There are many days where I don't see people at all."

Kiersten hosts hounds and other pets while their owners are away, all made possible by a new website called

"We've watched over a hundred dogs and said to ourselves, let's turn this into a real online business," says Aron Hirschhorn.

Husband and wife entrepreneurs, Karine and Aron Hirschhron came up with the concept.

The website connects pet owners with people willing to watch their pooch while they're out of town.

Karine Hirschhron said, "so instead of leaving your dog in a kennel, you can actually find an affordable amazing person to care for your dog when you travel."

There's another side to this website as well. For pet lovers this is a great way to make some extra cash.

"The response has been excellent, I've gotten several lucrative pet sitting jobs from there. I've gotten so many requests that I haven't been able to accommodate them all," says Kiersten.

Pet sitters must be approved before they join the site. Nightly rates depend on the digs, but chances are it beats a kennel and it's often about half the price.

Kiersten assures pet owners,  "we don't crate the dogs. This is my private home, it's cleaner. They get a lot more attention here. We go on four or five walks per day. They could sleep in bed with us, they're a family member."

Pet owner, Lucia Bartholomew praises Kiersten's services, "she sent photos, videos of them playing, and it was great. I totally felt comfortable. I would definately use the service again."

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