Marshal shoots, wounds wanted felon on Milwaukee’s south side

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MILWAUKEE -- A U.S. Marshal shot and wounded a wanted felon on Milwaukee's south side Wednesday afternoon, May 16th. The exchange of gunfire happened before 2 p.m. after a short car chase and foot pursuit that ended at Forest Home and Lincoln Avenues.

Mario Lopez

The U.S. Marshal's Warrant Task Force noticed the felon, now identified as Mario Lopez, in the area. Marshals say Lopez was wanted on a federal warrant for failure to comply with supervised release conditions. After they surrounded Lopez, he showed a weapon. A U.S. Marshal fired on Lopez and wounded him. Lopez was taken to a hospital for his injury and is said to be in critical condition. No officers were hurt in the exchange.

Investigators say Lopez has a series of weapons violations and gang affiliations.

Milwaukee police now have control of the crime scene and investigation.

The family of Lopez says Lopez was trying to better himself. Juan Cuevas says he is Lopez' father, and says his son was recently released from prison and was trying to turn his life around. Cuevas claims Lopez has a baby on the way, and is looking for employment.

"He's been trying to get back on track with society," Cuevas said.

Cuevas was emotional at the scene Wednesday afternoon.

"A lot of kids are getting killed out here, and they don't have no excuse! My brother called me and told me Mario got shot, and I don't even know why, or what reason. These people are just killing our kids!" Cuevas said.

FOX6 News interviewed Lopez for a story on a center that helps felons get connected with job opportunities back in October. Then, Lopez said..."I'm a hard worker. I'm dedicated to staying out. I'm just looking for a chance, and that's what I've told people," Lopez said.