Names of fired, suspended officers submitted to Police, Fire Commission

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MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn brought the names of five officers he's fired and suspended recently to the Milwaukee Police and Fire Commission Thursday, May 17th. Those officers are off the streets, but could still fight for their job.

The names of cops caught breaking the rules headed to the Police and Fire Commission Thursday evening. Chief Flynn submitted the names.

"This is a high-performing department that does right by its community. Just as we need to recognize outstanding police work, we need to take responsibility for poor police work and impose appropriate sanctions," Chief Flynn said.

Three officers have been fired, including Officer Yoron Whitfield, who was caught drunk behind the wheel at 8:00 a.m. in February. It was his second offense.

Officer Richard Schoen is accused of excessive force, after he allegedly pulled a woman out of his squad car by her hair, and punched her in the face and gut.

Co-workers say Sergeant Christopher Gull was showing off naked photos of his ex-girlfriend, who is a former officer - even showing them to police aides.

Two female officers were suspended for 30 days without pay.

Officer Gina Metz blew over twice the legal limit when stopped in her car off-duty in February, and Officer Lynn Vandenbush, who was caught nearly double the legal alcohol limit while driving off-duty in December.

"Right now, we've had a few police disciplines in a row that were somewhat concerning, but they weren't part of a genuine problem, and they were not connected to each other," Chief Flynn said.

Chief Flynn says these firings and suspensions are the exceptions, not the norm in the Milwaukee Police Department, pointing out over 80 officers that received awards for exceptional work earlier this week.

"I want the public to know that we pay attention to our work. We are proud of our work. When our work falls short of our standards, we take appropriate action," Chief Flynn said.

Mike Crivello with the Milwaukee Police Association says all of the officers have the right to appeal, and fight to potentially get their job back. That is a process that would lead right back to the Milwaukee Police and Fire Commission.

Chief Flynn was given his own review by the Police and Fire Commission Thursday behind closed doors, and Flynn said it went very well. The chief's review is something that happens four times per year.

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