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MSOE students toss textbooks to mark end of Spring semester

MILWAUKEE -- The end of the school year is approaching for college students, and undergrads from the Milwaukee School of Engineering spent the last day of class doing what every student wishes to do -- tossing their textbooks!

“Students can come and they can throw their textbooks they don't like from class.  It's kind of like getting the last bit of revenge on a class,” MSOE Senior Tyler Loehrl said.

Whether it's built up stress or entertainment, it's an annual campus tradition to mark the start of finals, meaning the spring semester is almost over.

“Throwing a textbook is really fun!  It's almost like burning them, but a lot more interesting,” MSOE Sophomore Kashmira Engineer said.

“Personally, I like to participate in this because people like to laugh at me.  I do a lot of stupid things and this is no exception,” Loehrl said.

For six years, students have been chucking those unwanted stacks of text and they’re judged on either distance thrown or style.

2009 MSOE graduate Brittney Christensen created the contest.  She came back Friday, May 18th to judge the competition and enforce the rules.

“You cannot alter the book.  It has to be hardcover and it cannot be a manual workbook, so it makes it challenging for the engineers who like to alter the book in ways and be creative.  You just have to go throw it,” Christensen said.

The best throws get the highest points.  Some of the craziest throws included cartwheels and flips.  The farthest toss was 80 feet.    

The top prize winners are awarded gift cards to book stores and the satisfaction of knowing they don't have to take that class again.

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