Bikers ride together to honor crash victim and his family

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GLENDALE--- The roar of motorcycles could be heard from Glendale to West Allis along I-43 on Saturday afternoon (May 19th) as more than 100 bikers came together for a fallen rider.

20-year-old Marcus Turner was killed after crashing his motorcycle in front of Bayshore Town Center on May 12th. On Saturday, May 19th, just a few blocks from where he was killed, bikers from dozens of different clubs came together for a ride to support Turner and his family.

After gathering in Glendale, the bikers hit the road, forming a long line of motorcycles traveling along I-43 southbound to Highway 45 northbound into West Allis. The ride ended at the Turner family home as the more than 100 bikes lined the street in front of the house.

Then, the line of bikers stretched for more than a block as, one-by-one, they gave hugs and kind words to the fallen biker's family, in the front yard of their home.

"This is amazing how people who don't even know my family just showed up and just recognized my brother's accident. I'm really thankful for this. It's a blessing," Patrick Turner, Marcus' older brother, said Saturday.

Almost all of the bikers on this special ride didn't even know Marcus, but felt an obligation to take part and support the family.

"This isn't just because we're on bikes. This is just love for somebody who passed away too soon," Jeff Turek said as he and his fellow club members rode up from Kenosha.

Mike Jackson organized the ride. "We just thought it was important to show our appreciation toward the family, plus support," Jackson said.

Jackson collected monetary donations from the other riders and gave that to Marcus' family along with cards and other well wishes.

"He did what we do, and just because we didn't know him and he wasn't part of a club, he was still a rider first. We just wanted to show our support as the whole community and come together and show his family that - hey we do support him and we do care," Jackson said.

While the family knew that the bikers were coming, they had no idea how many would actually show up.

"When I saw them coming down the street, I didn't think it would be this many people, but I'm shocked at how many people there is out here. It's wonderful. It's comforting knowing that other people care," Patrick Turner said.

Turek says the caring and support won't stop with this ride. "We just want them to realize that we realize what they're going through. We want them to understand that we're here. I'm sure anyone of these clubs would bend over backwards to help this family in whatever they needed from here on out," Turek said.

The Turner family was very moved by this showing of support and love from all of the bikers.

"I'm still shocked with how many motorcycles are out here and how these people took time aside and came out here to visit and support and comfort -- people that they don't even know. Like I said it's a blessing. It's wonderful," Turner said.

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