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Dousman family bound by priesthood, seven priests ordained

MILWAUKEE -- After 26-year-old Jacob Strand of Dousman was ordained as a priest Saturday, May 19th, the family sent its second son into priesthood with a third on the way!

Seven men were ordained Saturday afternoon at the Cathedral of St. John in downtown Milwaukee. Strand follows the path of his older brother, Luke.

"We're blood brothers so we have this natural connection - grew up together, have all these experiences and memories together, but to be united as brothers in the priesthood of Jesus Christ is an even more amazing gift," Jacob Strand said.

During the ceremony, each newly-ordained priest received new garments from an older priest of his choosing. Naturally, Jacob looked to his big brother.

"I think he told me he loved me first, then he told me 'I think you look pretty good," Jacob Strand said.

Luke Strand says he's proud of Jacob because of the commitment he's willing to make by joining the ministry.

"He's giving his life away! In a society and culture where people are saying 'gain riches, get stuff for yourself, make a name for yourself,' you come before the Lord as a priest and say 'here I am,'" Luke Strand said.

In about four years, middle brother Vince is also expected to be ordained. He's studying to become a Jesuit priest, which is a longer process than those becoming diocesan priests.

Father Jacob will preside over his first mass Sunday, May 20th at St. Bruno Church in the family's hometown of Dousman.

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee says the seven new priests are the most men it has ordained in a year in nearly 20 years.

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