Car drives over bluff after apparent mechanical malfunction

MEQUON -- A car drove off the bluff at Concordia University Monday morning, May 21st and crashed to the water's edge of Lake Michigan. Officials say the accident is the result of a mechanical malfunction.

The accident happened around 8 a.m. Monday. The campus security director, Mario Valdes, was behind the wheel of the vehicle. Remarkably, Valdes walked back up the bluff under his own power -- and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital for evaluation. He was able to go home after being checked out.

Valdes is a former Mequon police officer.

It was a busy morning at Concordia University as a leadership breakfast was being held, featuring Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke.

"This morning's breakfast was a celebratory breakfast and as we walked outside, the mood kind of changed. It was a somber mood. Valdes is very well-known around the campus, so everyone was very nervous and panicked at first," Concordia VP of Marketing Anita Clark said.

Mequon police have only said it was some sort of mechanical malfunction that kept Valdes from stopping the car.

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