Senate candidates Lori Compas, Scott Fitzgerald hold debate

JEFFERSON -- Lori Compas and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald faced off in a debate Wednesday night, May 23rd in the state Senate 13th District recall race.

Fort Atkinson photographer Compas is challenging Fitzgerald after organizing the recall petition drive herself.

Compas defeated fake Democrat Gary Ellerman in a recall primary.

Democrats want to oust Fitzgerald and two other incumbent Republican senators in a June 5 general recall election as payback for passing GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s contentious law stripping public workers of their union rights.

During Wednesday evening's debate at Jefferson High School those who came were not supposed to clap or react to what was happening on stage. That rule was thrown right out the window!

Hundreds packed the auditorium to listen as the candidates faced off in their only debate. During the debate, the candidates discussed such issues as education, jobs and the collective bargaining bill.

Audience members clapped, booed and gave standing ovations for the candidate of their choice.

The debate reached its tipping point during a conversation about job creation plans. One man was escorted out of the building for yelling at Fitzgerald.

There was one moment of unity from the crowd, when they cheered the school hosting the event.

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