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New information in case against Germantown teacher Eric Glass

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GERMANTOWN -- There are new details in the case of a Germantown High School teacher accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student back in April.

29-year-old Eric Glass is out of jail, but not back in the classroom. Glass is a math teacher at Germantown High School, and also an assistant basketball coach.

Glass is currently out on bond, and on leave from his teaching job after pleading not guilty to charges of sexual assault. According to documents, the relationship between Glass and the victim lasted less than a week, but included a pregnancy scare.

FOX6 News has obtained text message conversations between the victim in the case and friends as the news broke. Police reports reveal friends of the girl sent text messages to her after hearing rumors the girl slept with Glass.

Prosecutors say the two met at a concert in Milwaukee, and ended up back at Glass' home. According to the police report written by one officer, the victim claimed that after having sex with Glass, he "told her to buy a Plan B" contraceptive pill, not just once, but twice.

Records show that at one point, when the girl wanted to talk about the relationship, Glass was drunk and she had to pick him up.

Police also provided FOX6 News with transcripts of text messages from concerned friends. One student writes to the victim: "In the locker rooms at the YMCA, I heard some girl say 'you hear about Glass?'" The text message went on to ask whether the girl had sex with her teacher.

Police records indicate it was a school board member who caught wind of the allegations and notified the superintendent.

The victim's prom date, with help from his mom, recorded the girl telling him she slept with Glass. That boy turned the recording over to police, saying "I thought it was a good idea to tell an adult, because I didn't want her to harm herself like she said she would."

FOX6 News spoke with the lawyer for Glass, who said he has not seen all of the evidence in the case, so he did not want to comment. He is expected to see all of the evidence before Glass' next court date on June 20th.

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