Police looking for person who stole from church’s collection boxes

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FOX POINT -- Police are looking for the person responsible for stealing from two collection boxes at St. Eugene Catholic Church -- money that is meant to help the poor.

At St. Eugene Catholic Church, there are about 1,200 families in the congregation, and St. Eugene Priest Father Jerry Herda says it's family-friendly, and people look out for one another.

Father Herda says someone pried open the collection box and stole money meant for the poor. "We try to keep it close to the door, so as people come and go, they can leave their donations," Father Herda said.

The thief also apparently stole from another collection box on the other side of the sanctuary.

Father Herda says the money is ear-marked for St. Vincent de Paul - a group that helps those with the most need. Father Herda says the thief most likely only gained $30 to $50 total, because the boxes are emptied frequently.

"It's unfortunate that the money was taken, because now it can't go directly to the poor," Father Herda said.

FOX6's media partners at the Fox Point Patch say police have no suspects in custody. Father Herda says nothing like this has happened at the church for several years.

Father Herda says this theft will not take his flock's faith in helping those less fortunate.

"It's frustrating in that it occurred, but it doesn't stop the ministry. We continue to do the work that we need to do," Father Herda said.

Anyone with information that could help police in this incident is asked to contact Fox Point police at (414) 351-8911.