Reward offered for information in Waukesha gas station murder

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WAUKESHA -- A gas station clerk in Waukesha was found dead of a gunshot wound early Tuesday morning, May 29th. Police say there's no surveillance video and no witnesses that they know of, and are asking the public for help finding the suspect(s) responsible. This, as the gas station clerk's family offers a reward for information leading to an arrest.

Around 4:15 a.m. Tuesday morning a customer walked into the Petro Mart near Broadway and Pleasant in Waukesha and found 56-year-old Nayyer Rana on the gas station floor. He had been shot twice.

Police say it may have been a robbery gone bad, but they're not sure at this point in time. They're hoping someone saw or knows something and can help fill in the blanks.

Police don't know what motivated the suspect(s) in Rana's murder, but family and friends are hoping a $3,000 reward will lead to answers.

Mike Maxwell is a family friend who describes Rana as a loving husband, father of four and proud American citizen. Rana emigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan 13 years ago.

"A generally nice, sweet person that really came to America and was working the American dream, trying to make a better place for his family and for his children. They wanted to get (the reward) out quickly because of the freshness of everything that happened. It is the best time for police to get tips and be able to act on those tips. It`s just such a horrible, senseless tragedy," Maxwell said.

Police say based on cash register receipts from the gas station, Rana was shot sometime after 2:00 a.m. They say robbery could be a potential motive, but at this time, they aren't sure whether any money was taken.

Waukesha police hope the family's reward will motivate someone to speak up.

"There`s no video available. We don`t have any suspects. This is gonna be one where it`s challenging to find information. The big thing is if anybody has any information, please contact us. We want to make sure that we get this resolved for the victim`s family`s sake," Waukesha Police Captain Ron Oremus said.

Police say the Petro Mart gas station was robbed back on May 14th, but the victim was not working that night.

Anyone with information into this incident is asked to call Waukesha police.

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