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Contact 6 helps Pewaukee man get cracked plasma TV replaced

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PEWAUKEE -- A tiny crack in a TV became a big issue with an electronics giant, but one FOX6 viewer refused to give up until his TV got fixed! He asked FOX6's Katrina Cravy and Contact 6 to help.

Greg Dugan still can't figure out how a tiny spiderweb crack in his 50-inch Samsung Plasma HDTV appeared -- the crack barely visible.

"Since we're the only two people in the house, we're perplexed with what's going on here," Greg said.

Greg wrote an email to Samsung, who said they wanted to see the crack for themselves.

"Take pictures of the front, the back, the side, with it on, with it off, so on and so forth.  Send us the pictures along with the description of what happened," Greg said.

When Greg didn't hear back from Samsung, he wrote another email -- four in total.

"We were hoping for somebody to give us some kind of decision.  Yes, no -- something.  Nobody gave us any kind of answer," Greg said.

Finally, Samsung responded, saying the crack must have been Greg's fault, based upon the photos. That did not sit well with Greg.

"No. I'm writing Contact 6. I'm going the extra mile here, and I did," Greg said.

Contact 6 wrote to Samsung and almost immediately got an email back saying Samsung received the letter, and has "resolved the matter to Greg's satisfaction."

"They instantly responded, so whatever you guys did - whatever you said - it worked," Greg said.

"I got a call on my cell phone from Samsung, and they said, 'Mr. Dugan, we would like to talk to you about the free repair of your TV set,'" Greg said.

Samsung replaced Greg's damaged TV at no charge -- a savings of $589 (the cost of the original TV).

This case brings Contact 6's cash-back total for 2012 to more than $92,000.

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