Gov. Walker’s “brat summit” to take place Tuesday

MADISON (AP) -- Gov. Scott Walker's "Brat Summit" with lawmakers will be a private party. The event is planned for Tuesday, June 12th.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said Monday, June 11th that Tuesday's event at the governor's residence will only be open to the lawmakers, spouses and staff invited, with no media access.

Walker pledged to hold the event the evening he won a recall election as a way to bring Republicans and Democrats together. The cookout is scheduled to take place exactly one week after Gov. Walker's recall victory.

98 legislators (37 Democrats, 60 Republicans and one Independent) and 236 staff members are planning to attend.

In a statement, Gov. Walker said: "I’m looking forward to a great cookout.  We’ve got some fantastic, authentic Wisconsin products that we will be sharing with legislators of both political parties and their staff.  I am hopeful this get-together will forge relationships that will make it easier to work together to help create jobs."

Gov. Walker will be grilling brats for legislators and their staff.

Despite Walker's calls for bipartisanship, two prominent state lawmakers said Monday they will not attend.

Democrat Mark Pocan says he owes it to his constituents to find more meaningful results than sharing brats and beer. Republican Steve Nass says he won't go because of comments made by Democrats over the weekend critical of Walker.

Some politicians say they aren't sure the "Brat Summit" at the governor's mansion is the fix for Wisconsin's bitter divide.

Democratic State Representative Fred Kessler said Monday he's undecided on whether he will attend, because Gov. Walker had been unclear about what will be discussed.

"In many ways I like the idea he's reached out, but I wish we'd have more substance and not just the invitation to a party with without a subject," Kessler said.

Republican State Senator Alberta Darling said she plans to attend. Darling says the "Brat Summit" isn't about lawmakers grilling each other on the issues.

"I think it's a great idea. I think it's good to have a little down time, talk about our families. We don't have to be issue-oriented at this point. I think it's good to just develop relationships," Darling said.

Several Wisconsin businesses donated items for this event, including Sprecher, Trig's, Johnsonville, Brat Stop, Cheesers, Sardino Brothers Sausage, Northstar Bison, Sconnie Beer, Usinger's, MillerCoors, Roundy's Supermarkets, Sendik's Food Markets, among others.

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