Contact 6: Father’s Day gift-giving tips

MILWAUKEE -- The National Retail Federation says shoppers are likely to spend 10 percent more on Father's Day this year compared with last year. FOX6's Contact 6 has some gift-giving advice that will keep dad's happy all year round.

The National Retail Federation says people will spend more than $12 billion on Father's Day gifts this year.

Somewhere in all of that, a gift is bound to go bad.

Contact 6 says to be sure to get a gift receipt!

If you're buying a gift card and sending it, it's always smart to keep the receipt, in case the card is lost in transit. By law, the money is good for five years, but it is good to know the terms and conditions.

If you're buying electronics, Contact 6 says do not remove it from its original packaging before wrapping! Many stores say a return is nullified once it's opened.

Contact 6 also says to ask questions before getting dad a guided tour, or a class for fishing, golf lessons or skydiving. You're going to want to know about added taxes, fees and restrictions first.

Also - don't be afraid to ask for return policies or warranties in writing. If a store is selling something, it should be willing to stand behind it.

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