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36 Greendale students “tuned out” from technology for 92 days!

GREENDALE — 36 Greendale Middle School students “tuned out” from technology for 92 days! The students were challenged beginning March 1st, to join “Tuned Out,” an annual program to get kids to go unplugged. 

The students were challenged to abstain from using cell phone apps, watching television and using the internet for as long as they can go.  At the same time, they raised pledges to donate to the charity of their choice.

Because they reached their $10,000 fundraising goal, the teachers dressed up like the cast from Jersey Shore with spray tans and all!

The challenge started with 105 kids, and 92 made it through June 1st.

Students who made it to June 1st will be treated to a dinner at Red Robin and tickets to a Brewers or Bucks game.

This year, students raised money for Acres of Hope and Aspirations – a rehab facility for those affected by brain injury. The students raised $12,001 for the facility — $2,001 over their goal of $10,000.

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