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84-year-old man’s son one of first responders after hit-and-run

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SUSSEX -- A Sussex volunteer firefighter was one of the first on the scene Wednesday, June 13th, responding to a medical call for a hit-and-run victim. As it turned out, the man bleeding on the side of the road was his own father! Now, the search is on to find the driver responsible for striking an 84-year-old man out for a walk.

Camillo D'Amico remained in the hospital Thursday, June 14th, but family members said he is improving.

Camillo's son has served as a volunteer firefighter for the past 19 years.

Camillo was out for a walk on Wednesday morning - something he does nearly every day with his wife. It was a journey along Good Hope Road that he took alone Wednesday, after his wife decided she'd rather work out at the gym.

It was not long into his journey that his son, Frank raced out the door after his pager went off.

FOX6 News spoke with Frank's wife, Ginny on Thursday.

"He had no idea that when he walked out of the ambulance and walked up to the scene that it was his father. He said it was his worst nightmare and he couldn't speak. The other EMTs took Frank away from the scene, and I respect what they did for him," Ginny said.

EMTs were able to stabilize Camillo at the scene, and he was then transported to Community Memorial Hospital, where he was in critical condition Thursday.

Waukesha Sheriff's Detective Steven Pederson says the focus is now on finding the driver responsible.

Maybe they were scared and they panicked and they are not sure what to do right now.  The best thing for them to do is to come to the Sheriff's Department," Pederson said.

Camillo's family believes he will make a full recovery. Thursday, he reportedly asked his family for a glass of wine - something he drinks daily.

Anyone with information into this case is asked to contact the Waukesha County Sheriff's Office.

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