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Our nation marks “Flag Day” on June 14th

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MILWAUKEE -- July 4th may be our nation's birthday. But June 14th marks "Flag Day." And 2012 marks the 235th celebration of the symbol of America.

For Vietnam veteran Joe Campbell, the stars and stripes is a reminder of what millions of Americans went through to fly the flag high -- from the founding fathers, to the greatest generation and into the present day.

"The hope that it's given to so many around the world that enjoy that freedom, peace and freedom that so many have given their lives for," Campbell said.

Flag Day is also a celebration -- a time to teach the next generation what the flag means to Americans. Some feel the flag doesn't just represent the United States -- it also represents those who are fighting their own battles.

"It is my hope and my prayer that the stars and stripes continue to fly high and represent a beacon of hope and freedom throughout the world," injured Iraq War veteran Alan Jermaine Lewis said.

One other group celebrated a birthday on June 14th. The country's oldest military branch, the U.S. Army, celebrates 237 years in 2012.

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