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Ronald McDonald missing in Lomira

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LOMIRA -- The search is on for Ronald McDonald in Lomira. This, after someone stole a Ronald McDonald statue from a McDonald's restaurant.

Last seen wearing a red and yellow jumpsuit with matching shoes, Lomira Police say Ronald McDonald was reported stolen Wednesday morning, June 13th.

Standing six-feet tall and weighing about 250 pounds, police believe it would have taken three to four people with a pickup truck to move him.

"We were just at home and learned about it. It's big news in Lomira that Ronald got stolen, so we had to come check it out," Deb Janke said.

Police say if the person who took Ronald is caught, they could face felony charges because the statue is valued at about $5,000.

Wherever Ronald went, police say it must have been quick, considering the restaurant where he normally resides is open 24 hours.

"I think people in Lomira are going to pull together and find Ronald. It's important," Janke said with a laugh.

Police say they are going over security footage from area businesses, but so far, have no leads. The "Hamburgler" is not believed to be a suspect.