U.S. Rep. Ryan among Wisconsin’s wealthier congressmen

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Paul Ryan at Tea Party rally

MILWAUKEE (AP) — As an investor, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan seems to prefer holding small positions in a large number of consumer stocks.

Ryan’s latest financial-disclosure report lists dozens of his assets, most of them stock holdings worth between $1,001 and $15,000 each.

The list includes a smattering of oil and bank companies, as well as popular consumer companies such as Apple Inc., Home Depot, IBM Corp. and Google Inc.

In total, the Janesville Republican listed assets worth between $2.4 million and $9.3 million. That places him among the wealthier of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation.

Members of Congress have to release annual reports listing their assets, liabilities and stock transactions. However, they’re only required to list the value of their assets in broad ranges, making specific comparisons difficult.

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