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Milwaukee’s first cheese factory produces its first batch

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MILWAUKEE -- A new cheese factory has set up shop in Milwaukee and made its first batch of cheese curds Friday, June 15th. Clock Shadow Creamery, located on 2nd St. and Bruce St. in the heart of the Walker's Point neighborhood, is the first official cheese factory inside Milwaukee city limits.

“Eventually, we expect to be making as much as 1,000 pounds of cheese a day in the plant,” owner Bob Wills said.

It's been a dream in the making for Wills for over a year.  He owns Cedar Grove Cheese, northwest of Madison.

“For a million-some people who live in the metropolitan area, this is the closest place that you can go to see cheese being made and to get really fresh product, so we're thrilled to be making cheese here,” Wills said.

For now, what’s being produced inside the small space are curds and a cheese called Quark, all made from local ingredients.

“It's sort of between a cream cheese and a sour cream. The milk will come from local farms," Wills said.

The public will even get to see how the cheese is made through windows inside the factory.

Before the first batch was even finished, there were already a few spectators eager and willing to buy the product.

“We were so excited.  We drove down right away and we're from Pewaukee. If you wanted fresh and hot and squeaky, you'd have to get it right from a cheese factory, so this is delightful," Sandra Salbashian said.

Clock Shadow Creamery cheese products will also be sold at local stores.  Even some restaurants will be incorporating the cheese into their menu items.