Search Smarter on the Web

Do you often find yourself using the term "Google it!"? Sometimes finding the right results on Google can take a while. Here are some tips to get you to the right answers faster.

Starting with punctuations; Google ignores most of them, so leave out the periods and commas.

Put a tilde in front of your search terms to get results that include a synonym for your keywords.

Quotation marks between keywords will search that exact phrase and a minus tells Google to show page results without that word.

Google is also a calculator, use an asterisk to multiply, minus to subtract, and forward slash to divide.

Convert measurements and currency using the "into" command.

When travelling, enter an airline name or code and Google tracks the flight. Plan trips with the keywords "flights from and to."

You can check out the current time in a city, plus times for sunrise and sunset.

Google always sneaks in neat ways of entertaining us.

Type in the word "tilt" or "askew" and watch your screen slant.

Play a video game by typing "Zerg Rush" and the little characters eat up the search results.

And finally confirm your suspicions that one is in fact the "loneliest number."

Who says you cant have fun at work?

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