Cool iPhone Camera Lenses

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Our smartphones have pretty much replaced point and shoot cameras for everyday use. Now there are even interchangeable lenses to help you capture the perfect shot.

Even by itself, the camera on the latest iPhone captures some pretty impressive pictures. But just like a professional point and shoot, there are add-on lenses for extra effect.

Like the DOT by Kogeto, "It's a 360 degree attachment for the iPhone 4 and 4S," says Jeffrey Glasse.

Kind of like bringing a panoramic picture to life, "It's just a lot more engaging than a traditional video," according to Glasse. That's because you can see all around you.

The company calls the videos it takes "dot-spots." The DOT lens is fifty dollars and comes in four colors.

The Swivl is like having your own camera person. The $180 tripod follows the action thanks to a wireless sensor you hold. There's even a built in microphone.

Olloclip snaps onto your iPhone in seconds and gives you three new fields of view; fisheye, wide angle and macro for close-ups.

Photographer Patrick O'Neill knew he wanted to come up with a killer lens for the iPhone. "I can't think of another camera system that will give you that ease of use and creative option," said O'Neill.

The challenging part was making it simple and elegant. "Oh it's been amazing. Kevin Systrom, CEO of instagram, mentioned us in his gear guide as his go-to gear," said O'Neil.

And for good reason. The $70 add-on turns ordinary pictures into something special.