Brewers Randy Wolf looks to get back on track

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MILWAUKEE — In the early 1990s, there was a series on FOX called “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.” This summer, a Milwaukee Brewers pitcher is starring in “Randy Wolf Can’t Win.”

After struggling in April, the veteran lefthander has started nine times in May and June and hasn’t won once, even though Milwaukee has been frequently ahead on the scoreboard when he departed.

“It’s unfortunate to not have the end result there, but at the same time, just realize I’m throwing the ball better,” Wolf said.

Of course, if Wolf didn’t allow any runs at all, he would improve his personal chances.

Opponents have a .300 batting average against him for the season, and he has allowed too many home runs, including a mammoth shot by the Blue Jays’ Edwin Encarnacion the other night off Bernie Brewer’s slide.

“You know, he hit it. I knew it was a home run. I knew it was far, so I just asked for a new ball, but in my right ear, I heard a bong and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s a little further than it thought it would be’, but yeah, it was a good one,” Wolf said.

Wolf has a $10 million option on his contract for next season, and it’s unlikely that the Brewers will pick that up. He’s unsure where he’ll play next year and how much he’ll be making. Right now, his resume doesn’t show much to commend him.

“As frustrating as it is on a personal level, because lots of times, pitchers are judged on wins and losses and when you’re not getting those wins, it’s frustrating, but you have that comfort to know that the team is in the game because you’re pitching well,” Wolf said.

Along with Wolf, fellow starting pitchers Zack Greinke and Shaun Marcum could also be on the free agent market in the offseason and could be on the trade market the next few weeks.

Wolf said he would rather be in the company of Parker Lewis.

Wolf figures to get two more starts in the month of June to try and end his long winless drought. The first chance he’ll get will be Saturday night, June 23rd in Chicago versus White Sox in a game that can be seen on FOX6.