Ford Focus Test Drive

The all electric Ford Focus is a great looking car that never needs gas or oil changes. it's a solid start, but mainly for commuters. You'll give up the freedom to go anywhere on a whim and you may miss that precious trunk space.

Here's what happens when you take a Ford Focus. The car is all electric, which means you can go about 76 miles on a charge.

Ford Motor Company's Cory Belonzi says, "It's definitely a specific type of customer and it's gonna be more of a commuter as opposed to someone that travels long distances."

While the car is good looking on the outside and the inside doesn't feel cramped, there isn't much room in the trunk since the batteries are stored back there.

Thankfully, Ford worked hard to advance the charging system. At 240 volts, you can juice up faster than similar cars in its class, but a standard wall outlet will still take overnight.

If you open the door on the driver's side, you'll notice a meter that measures where you stand on your battery's charge.

The Electric Focus is faster and more responsive. It features Ford's excellent sync system with latest updates.

The car even has its own app. The My Ford Mobile will tell you how you're doing on your charge, where the closest charging station is on a map, and you'll always know where your car is located, thanks to GPS. That should save you some headaches in the parking lot.

The seats are made with 22 plastic bottles, the vehicle includes a standard regenerative braking system, and you can even grow butterflies on the dash.

"Some of our previous cars you could grow a tree. But in here, it shows how efficiently you're driving by growing butterflies on the dash. It's pretty cool," explains Belonzi.

The Ford Focus Electric starts at about 40 thousand dollars, but finding one to buy could be a bit tricky since Ford is only selling them at selected dealerships, click here.


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