Jury convicts David Byrd in murder of scrapyard owner

David Byrd

David Byrd

David Byrd

MILWAUKEE — Jurors convicted David Byrd on Friday of first-degree intentional homicide and possession of a firearm by a felon. This, in the case of the scrapyard murder of Sean Jenkins.

Investigators say Byrd, along with two other men, targeted Jenkins at his scrapyard near 31st and Burleigh in October 2011.

According to the criminal complaint, Byrd and Williams and a third person, Derrick Byrd, went to the scrapyard where they were “going to ‘whoop’ the victim and take his money.” When Jenkins was leaving the scrapyard, David Byrd ran up to Jenkins and pulled out a gun. Jenkins ran and tried to get away from David Byrd. But moments later, out of the view of Williams, David Byrd allegedly shot Jenkins several times.

Derrick Byrd and David Byrd both jumped into Jenkins’ car and drove away from the scene.

The complaint also shows the gun used in the murder of Jenkins was also used in the armed robbery of a man on October 7, 2011. The victim had just purchased beer at a corner store near 27th and Wells. He noticed the suspect who had a gun with a “beam” on it — so he started to run. In the process, the victim heard gun shots and was hit. He fell to the ground. The suspect then approached the victim, took money and a cell phone, and took off. The Wisconsin State Crime Lab compared brass shell casings found after the robbery with those found at the murder scene, and determined they were shot from the same firearm. 

Byrd will be sentenced on September 4th. He faces a maximum life in prison.

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