Racine community hosted fundraiser for Travon Gray’s family

RACINE -- A taco dinner fundraiser was held Friday, June 22nd to help the family of Travon Gray with funeral costs. 16-year-old Travon Gray died Sunday, June 17th after drowning in Quarry Lake.

Gray was at Quarry Lake Park on Sunday, and jumped off of the pier with some friends. Divers were called to the scene to search for Gray. He was later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Ebony Jeans came up with the idea of holding a taco dinner fundraiser to help the Gray family with funeral expenses. The group she founded, the Divine Cake Social Club, signed on immediately.

"Basically, we are a women's group and we are here to support and uplift each other. But also give back to our community," said Jeans.

The Gray tragedy hit close to home for Jeans. She says Gray and her son were best friends.

"It's a friend that he had that came over every day, you know, he ate dinner with us. He hung out. I joked around with him all the time and now he's not going to be around, so," said Jeans.

Jeans hopes to raise enough money for the meals and donations to cover half of Gray's funeral expenses.

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