Unique athletes hit the lakefront to go kite boarding

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KENOSHA -- A group of unique athletes may be on the water this weekend. But only if the weather is just right. They are kite boarders

Kite boarders Brian Erwin and James Longo keep a close eye on weather patterns -- especially the wind. Without the wind, their sport never gets off the ground.

Kite boarding -- or kite surfing -- is pretty popular in other parts of the country; Florida, Hawaii, California. But every once in a while, the Wisconsin winds whip up enough to create ideal conditions and get Erwin and Longo sprinting to the shore.

Kenosha's Alford Beach is a popular destination for kite boarding. That's because there are no restrictions. That means guys can come and go as they please so long as the conditions are right.

Kite boarding can be an expensive hobby. There are different size kites, different size boards. Just to get started, you can expect to drop as much as $5,000.