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Outdoor water ban remains in effect in Village of Waterford

WATERFORD -- The Village of Waterford placed a ban on using water outdoors beginning on Saturday, June 23rd, after the village's largest well broke Friday night. Officials say that water ban is expected to last at least through Monday, July 2nd.

Crews in Waterford have been working around-the-clock to repair the broken well. Officials installed a new water pump and say Wisconsin DNR officials must test that pump before the water ban can be lifted.

Officials in Waterford are asking residents to conserve water in any way they can as part of the ban.

"We're right at that tipping point where we're pushing our luck to the 'nth degree.' Perhaps pools or hot tubs, or any other ways you can think of conserving water. We've had two days of recording what our output is. With the ban, we still need people to do more," Waterford Village President Tom Roanhouse said.

"I was worried that because we're not gonna get any rain that we're going to lose all of our flowers and we put a lot into putting them in. I'm gonna bring in the water from home and just do the best we can just to keep them -- at least enough to make sure that they don't die," Kelly Hintz, the manager at a BP gas station in Waterford said.

Officials say they aren't sure exactly how much the repairs will cost at this time.

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