Rich’s Favorite Things: June Edition

Summer has just arrived and that means travel. I found the gadgets that will keep you comfortable on the plane, cool on the beach, and connected overseas.

It's time for vacation, but before you head out the door, be sure your gadgets are fully powered up with the Pivot Power Strip.

Every outlet here cn accommodate a large adaptor, and you get six of them! It also bends and shapes for a better fit, $30 from Quirky.

Whether you go by plane, train or automobile, this 4 in 1 travel blanket from Travelrest can help you do it in comfort.

It's kind of like a snuggie that doubles as a pillow, and since both of those are pretty much non-existent on flights these days, your seat mates will be jealous.

When you're done just fold it up into itself, there's even a strap you can snap to your luggage.

You don't need an underwater camera to take great vacation pics. Protect your phone poolside with the Joy Factory's Bubble Shield.

Slip your phone inside to keep the elements out, but you can still use the touch screen, listen to music or take pictures.

$20 gets you five reusable shields, that ft a variety of smartphones. Don't leave the house without your tunes or data. Verbatim's Store 'n Go is rugged enough to stay on your key ring.

It's tiny, comes in a lot of cool colors, and stands up to dust, dirt and even water. Choose from 4 to 32 gigs starting at just $15.

Finally here's a cell phone with multiple uses. It's called the SpareOne, and it runs on a single double A battery.

The SpareOne will give you a 15 year shelf life, or up to 10 hours of talk time. It's unlocked so you can pop in a prepaid sim card and use it in other countries to make calls while travelling.

And when you get home, store it in your emergency kit to make 9-1-1 calls in the event of a natural disaster. There's no contract or monthly fees.

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