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Summerfest kicks off its 45th year with massive crowds

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MILWAUKEE -- Summerfest opens its gates for the 45th time on Wednesday, June 27th -- and thousands were more than happy to walk through the turnstiles.

Best friends Loren and Amanda from Sussex were among the first to arrive when the Big Gig opened up. The teens planned to circle the ground of Maier Festival Park on foot.

Lori Perkins and her nephew Bryan got their bearings from high above. They took a ride on the Sky Glider so they knew where to go first.

"It just keeps getting better every year," said Perkins.

And that seems to be the sentiment of the early fest-goers. Brian Nagy and his buddies planned to sit in the front row at the Harley-Davidson stage for more than ten hours so they had the best seat in the house when Lupe Fiasco takes the stage. They say it's all worth it.

Summerfest 2012 will take place June 27 – July 1 and July 3 – 8, from Noon until Midnight and will be closed Monday, July 2.