Waukesha Public Library hires security guard

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WAUKESHA -- Stepping up security at Waukesha's Public Library after police say drug use has jumped throughout the city.

A security guard at the Waukesha Public Library is something patrons aren't used to seeing. After an increase in police calls and arrests, the library's director believes the guard is necessary. Waukesha Police Captain Ron Tischer says, "The major incidents would be arrests for drugs, people drinking in the library, people huffing in the bathroom."

Captain Tischer says the library is a target, because of it's attractive qualities to criminals like the secluded spaces and air conditioning.

The Waukesha Common Council unanimously approved nearly $8,000 for two months of security at the library. The council president tells us it's well worth the cost for a building that sees 500,000 visitors very year. Tischer says, "We want to make sure that nobody has any question about their safety while they're at the library."

The Waukesha Public Library is also planning to have security next year.