Hospitals ready to deal with heat-related cases

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MILWAUKEE -- With temperatures in the 90s, heat indices in the 100s and high humidity levels Thursday, June 28th the people most at risk are the most vulnerable populations. That means the elderly and many times, people who have no place to go to get cool.

FOX6 News talked with a trauma nurse at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa. As of mid-afternoon on Thursday, they had not seen any heat-related cases come through the door, but said they were ready to deal with those in need if necessary.

Adline Bowah had to leave her overnight shelter Thursday and walk several miles to her daytime shelter, Repairers of the Breach.

Though she felt exhausted and sick when she arrived, Bowah said once inside, she was surrounded by comfort.

"T-shirt, shower, water, food, water, food, coolness," Bowah said.

Judge Jemison volunteers at the shelter.

"I see people today - people I helped that needed water, T-shirts, air. I have asthma really bad, so the heat makes it really hard to breathe," Jemison said.

FOX6 News found people outside the downtown public library -- some lying in the direct sunlight. It's people like those that worry trauma nurse Lisa Hass-Peters.

"It can be really scary out there, especially if they don`t have a place to go," Hass-Peters said.

Hass-Peters said those taking certain medications can be at an even greater risk. She said people need to stay hydrated and in the shade if they can.

"Heat stroke or sun stroke can be potentially a fatal condition so it does need to be taken seriously," Hass-Peters said.

Air conditioning is also a huge help. The system at the Repairers of the Breach is new -- which makes it a true oasis in the middle of what feels like an urban desert.

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