Summerfest officials modify carry-in policy due to extreme heat

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MILWAUKEE -- For some who took to Milwaukee's lakefront for the second day of Summerfest, it was a brutal day, with temperatures in the 90s, high humidity levels and a National Weather Service-issued heat advisory. Summerfest officials modified their carry-in policy due to the advisory, allowing visitors to bring in unopened or empty bottles of water or CamelBaks.

Bubblers allowed for a free water refill for the many taking advantage of the modified carry-in policy and misting stations provided some relief from the heat.

Angela Jackson used chalk as a means of artistic expression near Summerfest's south entrance on Thursday afternoon -- drawing on black top under the hot afternoon sun.

"It feels like 135. It's stifling, but whatever. It's worth it," Jackson said.

For vendors -- many dealing with cooking food over a hot stove, it was a brutal day.

"There is no air conditioning in here, so hopefully we burn all the calories," one vendor said.

Despite the heat and humidity, Summerfest's visitors, vendors and organizers said they weren't going to let the weather get in the way of a good party on Summerfest's second day!