Campers brave heat advisory, triple-digit temps for fireworks

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MILWAUKEE -- Despite a heat advisory and temperatures in the 90s with heat indices in the triple digits Tuesday, July 3rd, thousands took to Milwaukee's lakefront and Veterans Park for the annual U.S. Bank fireworks show.

Joel Lopez was keeping a close eye on his toddlers as they splashed in the Milwaukee Art Museum fountains near Veterans Park Tuesday afternoon.

"Getting wet -- that's the only way to stay cool. It's too hot out here. It's actually kinda dangerous, but with the water here at the park, the kids enjoy it and I enjoy it," Lopez said.

It was 89 degrees inside Jordan Her's smoothie truck as she served cool drinks to hot campers.

It was 100 degrees along Milwaukee's lakefront Tuesday afternoon and inside the Wolman family's tent...

"Feels like it's 105. We're doing alright. We have our frozen juice boxes and all of that, and lots of water," Brenda Wolman said.

Amber Slizewski picked a coveted spot in the shade for her tent, where the temperature read about 98 degrees.

"As long as you stay in the shade it`s pretty good and there`s a breeze so that helps," Slizewski said.

Around Veterans Park, there was plenty of water for sale, along with bags of ice.

Four crews from Bell Ambulance were on the scene to watch over the crowd and deal with any medical situations.

Many say braving Mother Nature to catch the fireworks was well worth it.

"We love the fireworks down here," Wolman said.

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