Air conditioning specialists extremely busy during heatwave

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GLENDALE -- Air conditioning specialists were extremely busy on the Fourth of July holiday. That's because many air conditioning units throughout southeast Wisconsin simply cannot handle the extreme (and record-breaking) heat.

Some air conditioning repair companies were doing service calls on the holiday, and repair personnel were a welcome sight for those with faulty air conditioning units, with temperatures hitting 100 degrees in Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon.

Lisa Beyer's 1987 air conditioning unit went out on Friday. On Wednesday morning, it was 81 degrees in her house.

"We've shut everything up. All the windows, all the blinds, all the curtains. We have a fan in every room," Beyer said.

Beyer was worried about her four-legged family member, Oliver. So when Seider Heating and Cooling said they could install a new unit, even though it was a holiday, Beyer said 'come on over!'

When the weather gets this warm, some companies prioritize their service calls. The sickly, especially those with asthma, breathing symptoms and the elderly all get service before others.

"I just go from one job to the next as quick as I can. It's been pretty hectic," one serviceman said.

Beyer's air conditioner simply needed to be replaced. A technician said the problem was likely caused by a mouse that chewed on some wires. She's never appreciated it more.

"Everybody's got it, and now when you don`t, you realize, holy cow -- what would we do without it?" Beyer said.

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