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FOX6 Web Fix: Meet a not-so-typical one-issue political candidate

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On this July 4th, we’d like you to meet Tom Corrigan. He’s not your typical one issue political candidate. In fact, some say he’s patriotically refreshing.

Yes, this was a spoof…

Starring Sean Carrigan and Suzanne Quast Carrigan. Directed by Tony Yacenda. Written by Dan Perrault, Tony Yacenda, Lenny Pierce and Sean Carrigan. Produced by Suzanne Quast. Cinematography by Alan Gwizdowski. Music by Darien Shulman. Music Mixed by Ric Schnupp. Graphic Design by Kathleen Cummings. Edited by Tony Yacenda. Narrator Suzanne Quast. Featuring Bob Chiste as Bill Thompson.