Lexi Thompson one of several teen professional golfers on tour

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KOHLER -- Lexi Thompson is home schooled, which is nothing unusual -- except that she's graduating from high school while playing professional golf!

In 2007 at age 12, Thompson became the youngest woman to ever qualify for a U.S. Women's Open.

In 2011, Thompson became the youngest player to ever win on tour.

She's been known to watch the Disney Channel and visit pet stores for fun.

This week, Thompson is playing at Black Wolf Run in Kohler.

"I saw a PetSmart so I might stop by! I'm still a little kid inside, so you still have to have fun off the golf course and on it. So, just relax and not put any pressure on yourself," Thompson said.

Thompson graduated from "virtual high school" because she would have been gone too much to attend a traditional high school. That's a trend on tour. There are so many teenagers that Thompson isn't really a novelty act anymore.

"They're the future of the women's or the men's golf. At the same time, you have to remember it's a game, and it's not a marathon. It's a sprint and it's something that you can have for the rest of your life. It's very important to have a balance,"

"They're just starting younger and they're that much more talented and even golf training has become that much more specific for these young kids,"

"I think I played with two 14 year olds in my first practice round," Thompson said.

One thing Thompson has learned quickly is that fans really respond to her. She goes out of her way to return that affection.

"It's really important to me. They take time out of their lives to come and watch me play. That's why I usually sign every autograph and take pictures," Thompson said.

Thompson is 17, and is having a blast driving her courtesy car around Sheboygan County this week. She says she would love to have to make room in the trunk for a big trophy.