Some celebrate Fourth at Summerfest, amid record-setting heat

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MILWAUKEE -- On a record-setting Fourth of July, with 102-degree temperatures in Milwaukee Wednesday afternoon, some braved the extreme heat and took to Milwaukee's lakefront to spend the Fourth of July at Summerfest.

Summerfest-goers were able to cool off in one of three air-conditioned buses on the grounds, and FOX6 News found people climbing on and off all afternoon.

The sun beat down on Summerfest's street performers Wednesday afternoon.

"It's so hot. We've been out here for a couple hours and it's so hot. I don't need water, I need ice!" street performer Keith Taylor said.

The Bell Ambulance "misting stations" were a popular way for music lovers to cool down.

"I've already been through a few times and I'm sure I'll hit it every time I walk on by," Jason Stoxen said.

Rick Scholzen was at Summerfest with his kids Wednesday, who seemed to have the most fun finding relief from the heat.

"It`s been brutal. It`s been really brutal, but they`re having fun in the water. There`s three misting stations that we`ve been through," Scholzen said.

Kris Schulz had her son at Summerfest for the first time on Wednesday, and he was enjoying staying cool at the splash pad.

"I'm pretty sure we'll never be able to get him away from it," Schulz said.

Summerfest-goers also packed into the Columbia St. Mary's Cool Down Lounge, taking advantage of the air conditioning.

Bradley Hait and his friends relaxed on the air conditioned bus for 20 minutes.

"This is really necessary on a hot day like today," Hait said.

Bell Ambulance officials said there was nothing out of the ordinary at the grounds Wednesday, but say Tuesday was a busier day for heat-related emergencies than Wednesday both at Summerfest and across the city.

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