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Back to work for some on second day of record-breaking heat

MILWAUKEE -- For the second day in a row, some southeastern Wisconsin locations saw temperatures in the triple-digits, and an excessive heat warning continued for all of southeastern Wisconsin. Some were forced to brave the work day in the dangerous heat, as it was back to work for some after the Fourth of July holiday.

Construction workers began a brand new road construction project near Port Washington Road north of Capitol Drive on a 100-degree day Thursday.

Dan Jacobson spent the day working at the site on Thursday afternoon. He said the key to surviving work on the hottest July 5th on record was a lot of water!

Milwaukee Urban Forestry Specialist Brian Stankiewicz is a 26-year veteran of the city, and said working in the heat wave ranks with the worst he's seen. However, he said he doesn't mind turning on the sprinklers to save some trees, while taking in some water himself.

"It is a real tough day to be out here. I'm trying to get hydrated before the day even starts. It's been brutal," Stankiewicz said.

Construction crews and DOT officials say with this heat, roads can buckle at any time. DOT officials responded to 17 road buckling incidents on July 4th. Anyone who spots damage is asked to call 911.

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