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Two injured after early morning shooting in Waukesha

WAUKESHA -- Waukesha police say two people were injured after a shooting early Tuesday morning, July 10th in Waukesha. Authorities say the shooting occurred around 3 a.m. outside an apartment building on West Avenue, just south of Sunset Drive.

Witnesses say a fight over an ex-girlfriend provoked the violence.

Two people, a 45-year-old male and a 42-year-old female, were shot in the back after trying to leave the area. 

"The guy came out with a shotgun.  She got some buck shots on the back of her.  He got all over his back, neck and arms.  It was like 35 pellets," neighbor Geno Gonzalez, who called 911, told FOX6 News.

The couple ran to Gonzalez' residence, after they were shot. He called 911, and the two were transported to Waukesha Memorial Hospital. They are expected to survive.

"There was a misunderstanding between an old boyfriend and a girlfriend, and it turned out to be a little more than that," Gonzalez said.

A preliminary investigation indicates the victims and the 42-year-old suspect know each other and were involved in an altercation. When the victims attempted to leave the area, the suspect fired his gun, striking the two victims.

Police say the suspect then went back to his apartment a few blocks away.  A tactical team responded.

After a nearly two-hour stakeout, officers arrested the man without incident.

"In this case, the suspect was cooperative to the point where they didn't need (the armored vehicles), which is good," Waukesha Police Captain Ron Oremus said.

Investigators spend the rest of Tuesday morning gathering evidence near the property, while neighbors tried to piece together why an argument over an ex-girlfriend would result in gunfire.

"I know the suspect for a long time and I just can't believe he did something like this tonight. It's that lust and jealousy -- it doesn't pay.  It doesn't pay, and I think you should move on, and I think that's what he should've done," Gonzalez said.

FOX6 News is not releasing the suspect's name since he has not yet been charged. 

According to court records, the man has a long criminal past with charges that include manufacturing drugs, theft and trespassing.

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