Jose Luis Discua-Bados (7-13-2012)

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MILWAUKEE – 29 year-old Jose Luis Discua-Bados is accused of killing his estranged wife. Family members say Discua-Bados waited for hours outside a south side home, stalking his victim before brutally killing her. A Milwaukee police detective calls the act one of the most brutal he’s ever looked into.

Officials say Discua-Bados struck his estranged wife, 24-year-old Dayana Garcia over the head with a two-by-four, and stabbed her a dozen times.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office said Garcia suffered approximately 12 stab wounds.

Investigators say they have chased leads over the last few months, including locations where the fugitive may be.

Investigators say about two weeks after the murder, Discua-Bados placed a phone call to Milwaukee from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"He called a friend here -- someone he referred to as 'a mentor,'" Milwaukee Police Officer Randy Smith said.

Investigators say Discua-Bados hinted he could come back to visit the victim's grave, but police do not believe he ever did.

Some of the tips and rumors have investigators searching for information out of the Discua-Bados' native Honduras. However, police believe he wouldn't be welcome there because a gang believed the fugitive was related to a Honduran general accused of beating and torturing people more then 20 years ago. That gang is believed to have beaten Discua-Bados, and forced him to run.

"They beat him very severely -- broke his nose, broke his ankle, so we're told he had to flee for his life," Smith said.

The hearsay in Honduras lead police to look into leads in neighboring El Salvador with no results.

Another rumor police are looking into is whether Discua-Bados cut his hand off with a machete and died in Mexico from his injuries.

"I've heard some crazy things before, but that's got to be at the top of the list," Smith said.

Garcia was married to Discua-Bados, and the two began raising a son together, but their relationship became strained. Garcia was ready to move on, but Discua-Bados was not.

Family members say Discua-Bados was deported back in 2009 because of prior domestic violence.

Investigators believe Discua-Bados may still be in the Milwaukee area hiding out somewhere on the south side using an alias, and may be working at a temporary job.

Discua-Bados is 5’6” tall, weighing about 130 lbs. His alias’ include: Alberto Gonzalez and Luis Discua.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call (414)297-3707.