Lawn care services see less “green” because of severe drought

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BROOKFIELD -- Most lawns are brown these days because of a severe drought. That means there's a lot less "green" for yard services who rely on maintaining yards.

"For business, it's not too great because you can't mow, can't spray weed control,can't do any plantings, it's been rough trying to dig up some work," said Chris Hartman of Erik's Landscaping.

The summer's dry weather comes after a warm winter. That means Erik's Landscaping had little snow to plow earlier in the year -- a double whammy.

"Our mowers, they were out washing trucks yesterday doing oil changes, changing blades on lawnmowers stuff like that. Today, they were out doing tree removals, but we're pretty much day to day right now," said Hartman.

For a larger company like Weedman, July is an off month to fertilize and do weed control. They're busy doing consultations.

"Instead of running out dousing the lawns with fertilizer and weed control what we try to do is basically help them understand what's going on with their lawns," said Shawn Hansen of Weedman.

Large or small, what lawn care businesses are doing is looking to the heavens for hope.

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