Heat ADVISORY for most of southeast Wisconsin until 7pm tonight

Super Steel in Milwaukee holds job fair to fill 75 openings

MILWAUKEE -- Super Steel in Milwaukee held a job fair on Saturday, July 14th.  More than 500 people attended the event.  

Super Steel has about 75 openings. They're looking for welders, laser operators, setup brake operators and electrical assemblers. 

Some applicants took an on-site welding test.  Super Steel says the manufacturing business is doing well. 

"It's booming right now.  I think manufacturing as a whole is booming in this area.  There's just more and more openings for jobs.  As far as we are concerned, inside these walls, you would never know there's a struggling economy out there because we just continue to grow, " Super Steel Plant Manager, Joe Rouse said.

David Schultz was one of many job applicants at Saturday's fair. He said he's been looking for a welding job for about a year.

"It was a big turnout. I was surprised about all the people who were here looking for a job," Schultz said.

Several qualified, skilled candidates applied.  Some of the positions pay up to $24 an hour.

Super Steel says it plans to hold another job fair next year since the ones they've had so far have been such a huge success.

CLICK HERE for more information on jobs at Super Steel.

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