Contact 6: Jury duty scam draining bank accounts across country

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MILWAUKEE -- Some are being told they'll be arrested for not showing up for jury duty, but FOX6's Contact 6 says there's a trick here that could put your bank account at risk!

It's a scam that's already worked in about a dozen states across the country. People are reporting they're receiving voicemails and text messages from someone saying: "You missed jury duty, and you're in big trouble!"

The messages say missing jury duty could cost $500 in fines, and could lead to an arrest!

The messages advise calling back immediately and providing a social security number and/or credit card number. With these details, scammers can drain bank accounts.

Contact 6 says jurors are not summoned by phone and certainly not by text message. Contact 6 says do not give out your personal information!

Courts will normally communicate via snail mail.

Those who receive a call or text message as described above should hang up and call the court to verify whether they're actually being summoned for jury duty.