Heat challenges athletes at Racine’s Ironman race

RACINE -- Temperatures in the 90s Sunday, July 15th didn't make things easy for thousands of athletes at Racine's Ironman challenge.

The race is 70.3 miles of swimming, biking and running -- a grueling race made tougher by the heat and scorching sun.

"It's never easy, because I push myself to the limit," Ironman winner Marko Albert said.

Because of the heat, organizers and 1,000 volunteers were ready to provide aid when needed.

"We're ready for the heat. We're ready for anything Mother Nature can bring us -- handing out water, ice, food to all our athletes," Ironman Race Director Ryan Richards said.

Many were on hand to support the athletes and cheer on their friends.

"You're going through and you see somebody you know, and your spirits just lift up, and it's exciting. You're like 'okay, I can go faster now,'" Lisa Simon, who was supporting competing friends said.

"It just kind of lifts your spirits, and makes it all better," Dawn Reid said.

Marko Albert was the first to finish, in under two hours.

"The run in this kind of weather, it's never nice. I'm going to sit in an ice tub now to refreshen up," Albert said.

Though it was hot, organizers actually said Sunday's weather was nicer than last year's, when temperatures were in the upper 90s.

The race director said Racine will host this race for the next three years.

CLICK HERE for additional details on Racine's Ironman race.

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